DAR & Earth: Revelations Reviews

“Why do the Humans of Earth continue to live in denial about the climate crisis? In Book 1, DAR & Earth: Oraculi, takes the reader back in history and illustrates the devastating impact the plague had on Humanity and on the protagonist, Aelish. In the sequel, DAR & Earth: Revelations, DAR finally uncovers why the Humans of Earth continue to destroy their planet through unabated climate degradation. This page-turning sequel will leave you breathless until the very last page.”

“Athena writes exactly the type of YA books I purchase for my granddaughter. The author not only entertains young adults with rich characters and stories, but interleaves the narrative with the reality of artifacts of YA’s present existence concerns – climate change, women’s  leadership, and many other thought provoking and character confirming examples for YA, especially young girls, to explore. Grandpa highly recommends for your granddaughters as well as for your thorough enjoyment! Brava madam!”

Online Review

“Well researched information about climate change, presented in a compelling manner, with deepening character development, writing in a style that is uniquely hers.”

—Dr. Howard Margolin, host of Destinies, The Voice of Science Fiction, WUSB-FM

“The quality of writing signals the arrival of an important new voice in literature . . . a new standard for not only novels of female empowerment, but also for a worthy critique of environmental, social, political, religious, and scientific issues . . . a fine fantasy series with keen insights on how we view our world . . . highly recommended for the YA audience and enlightened adults.” 

—Grady Harp-San Francisco Review of Books