DAR & Earth: Revelations Reviews

“Why do the Humans of Earth continue to live in denial about the climate crisis? In Book 1, DAR & Earth: Oraculi, takes the reader back in history and illustrates the devastating impact the plague had on Humanity and on the protagonist, Aelish. In the sequel, DAR & Earth: Revelations, DAR finally uncovers why the Humans of Earth continue to destroy their planet through unabated climate degradation. This page-turning sequel will leave you breathless until the very last page.”

“Well researched information about climate change, presented in a compelling manner, with deepening character development, writing in a style that is uniquely hers.”

—Dr. Howard Margolin, host of Destinies, The Voice of Science Fiction, WUSB-FM

“The quality of writing signals the arrival of an important new voice in literature . . . a new standard for not only novels of female empowerment, but also for a worthy critique of environmental, social, political, religious, and scientific issues . . . a fine fantasy series with keen insights on how we view our world . . . highly recommended for the YA audience and enlightened adults.” 

—Grady Harp-San Francisco Review of Books